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Imagine lying down in your backyard, with a sparkling clean pool with the latest equipment. A clean pool is anyone's desire, both on a commercial and residential scale and we are more than happy to meet any of your pool services. Whether your pool is dirty and in need of thorough cleaning and maintenance or the surface is cracking and wearing off and needs to be resurfaced or even if there is a suspected leak or a piece of equipment has failed and needs total replacement or repair, we are your number one pool contractor in West Palm Beach.

About Us

Pools are the absolute best to relax in on a hot, sunny afternoon. If you need your pool to be in the best shape, look no further. At Pool Cleaning Services, West Palm Beach, we provide pool cleaning services for both commercial and residential buildings within the West Palm Beach area. Our dedication to providing quality services have earned us a name in that area and we look forward to increasing our client base. We have professionals on board who are highly skilled and knowledgeable about pool cleaning services and are more than willing to carry the client along at every step of the way.

Our Services

We have been in the West Palm Beach area for a while and in that time frame, we have garnered the trust of our esteemed customer base. We offer a wide range of services that would keep your pool running effectively and save you repair costs. From Weekly Cleaning to Tile and Grout Cleaning, we have got you covered every step of the way, always available to provide services at affordable prices. If you need extra advice on how to maintain your pool long-term and the equipment in it, our professionals are more than willing to help out with this.

professional weekly pool cleaning

Weekly Pool Cleaning

Pools are pretty much always in the open and this means that they are more susceptible to getting dirty on time as foreign objects can easily fall into them. For both commercial and residential pools, when this keeps happening over time without proper cleaning, the foreign objects can get lodged in the filters and clog them up. This causes extra damage. At Pool Cleaning Services, West Palm Beach, we offer weekly pool cleaning services and this helps to reduce the possibility of clogging and save you unnecessary expenses.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tiles in pools should be cleaned from time to time to avoid accidents that would result from slipping and falling. Other than this, a dirty pool can cause health issues and make a pool unfit to swim in. All of this can be prevented when the tile of the pool is washed from time to time. At Pool Cleaning Services, West Palm Beach, we have a variety of equipment we can wash a pool with to get rid of any algae or dirt that is stuck on it or between the grout. You can opt for any cleaning schedule that suits your calendar.

professional tile and grout cleaning
professional pool leak detection

Leak Detection

When a leak is left undetected for a long term, it can affect the balance of the pool. This is why they must be dealt with on time before things get out of hand and the situation worsens. We have processes we follow and steps that we can walk you through if you need this particular service of ours. We have listed ways with which we can be contacted on the website, we are always available to answer any pool related questions and we always have professionals on deck to attend to any leak that you might have noticed in your pool.

Pool Resurfacing

Pool Resurfacing is a type of long-term maintenance carried out on a pool when the surface starts to look out and very unpleasing. When this happens, new materials like tiles, concrete are placed on the surface to give it another finish. At Pool Cleaning Services, West Palm Beach, we have professionals that can carry out pool resurfacing services for both commercial and residential buildings with the aim to keep your pool looking as beautiful as ever.

professional pool resurfacing service
professional pool equipment installation

Pool Equipment Installation

There are other things that come into play when a pool is to be built, and these things help the pool run more efficiently. They are called pool equipments and some examples are filters, and salt water converters. Another service we help to provide is the installation of these equipment so that your pool would run better. Our professionals are well versed about every equipment a pool needs and would not hesitate to give you advice on how to maintain them.

Salt Water Conversion

In a pool, there are salt water conversion systems put in place and their function is to eliminate the presence of chlorine in the pool. This can find application in both commercial and residential pools as it is advantageous in many ways. If you are interested in installing a salt water system in your pool, we are just the right company for you. Our technicians would give you all the help you would need, especially in terms of long-term usage and maintenance.

professional salt water conversion

Contact Us For More Information

At Pool Cleaning Services West Palm Beach, have put different contact methods in place through which we can be contacted. On our website, our phone numbers are listed and customer representatives are always available on site to man the phone lines and answer any questions you might have. We can also be reached via email and the contact form on the website. You can reach us within working hours and if you want an idea of the price range for any of the services that we offer, we also provide price estimates for our services. We look forward to working with you!

affordable pool leak detection

“I had heard many positive reviews about Pool Cleaning Services West Palm Beach from a friend of mine who had used their services earlier in the year. Their professionalism stood out particularly for me and this was what motivated me to give them a trial and I did not regret it!” -Janet, P.

affordable pool equipment installation

“Our hotel employed the services of Pool Cleaning Services West Palm Beach to help with our saltwater conversion systems and upgrade some of our pool equipment and we are very satisfied with the services they provided."- Charles, F.

professional pool resurfacing service

“Earlier this year, my pool was in a very bad state but I heard about Pool Cleaning Services West Palm Beach from a coworker and engaged their weekly pool cleaning service and now, my pool looks clean all the time.”- Patrick, K.