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Leak Detection

affordable leak detection service

If you have noticed over time that the water level in your pool has reduced or is dwindling, you probably a leak issue on your hands and who better to take care of it for you than us. The thing about pool leaks is that they have to be dealt with or curtailed on time and we have the right tools and personnel to deal with that. We have processes we follow and steps that we can walk you through if you need this particular service of ours. We are always open to taking care of your needs- pool wise.

How do I know that I need Leak Detection Services?

When there is a leak in a pool, over time, the level of the water in the pool begins to reduce and this can be caused by several factors ranging from the pool itself to the pipes and the pump. You can carry out some home tests to be sure that your pool is leaking. One of those is a bucket test and it can be done to determine the amount of water loss experienced and also before engaging our services. To do this, you would have to fill the pool to the normal capacity and then take a bucket and fill it up to ¾ and mark the level of water inside the bucket and place it on the second step of the pool. After this, you are to place another mark on outside the bucket to match the pool waterline. After 24 hours of normal pool operation, compare the two marks. If the pool water loss on the outside of the bucket is more than that on the inside, it means that there may be a leak in the pool.

Can you help me find the leak?

Our maintenance service includes Leak Detection so in the case that we are handling your pool's maintenance, you can be sure that we have got you covered. With each visit to your pool, our trained professionals will inspect the pool equipment and help you make sure that everything is in order.

What happens during a Leak Detection Examination?

Leak Detection can be scheduled based on the preference of the client but during an examination, we try to cover all the basics to make sure that we get to the root of the problem. Our examination process includes:

  • Testing the pressure in the plumbing lines
  • Inspecting the mortar joints
  • Inspecting the tiles, or rocks for cracks
  • Inspecting the pipes

We have equipment that we use during this process to help us ascertain the exact location of the leak and how best to handle it.

How can I contact you for Leak Detection?

Our contact details are available on our website and you can always place a call across, there are experienced, friendly and highly trained customer care representatives that are more than willing to answer any question you might have and schedule an appointment if need be.

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