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Salt Water Conversion

affordable salt water conversion

When installing a pool, there are many things to consider and one of these is the saltwater conversion systems. This is important as it influences the chlorine level available in the pool water. There are many benefits of having a saltwater conversion system and for more enlightenment on the benefits, you can always consult with our technicians and they can point them out to you and ultimately help you make a decision. We are always happy to help and our call lines are always open.

Benefits of a Salt Water Conversion System

There are several advantages of using a saltwater conversion system in your pool. Apart from saltwater being less harsh and gentle on the skin than chlorine, it also requires less maintenance as there is no need to constantly monitor the amount of chlorine that is in the water. Also, if you are particular about being environmentally friendly, this option is for you as it makes use of less harsh chemicals. Generally, it is beneficial health-wise and more often than not, it is usually the recommended option especially in commercial pools which usually have a high influx of patrons. This is because when there is a high number of people using the pool, there are more germs in the water that can be very harmful.

Ease of installation and use

Saltwater conversion systems are considerably easier to install. With these systems, there is no need to change the components of the filtration system as the conversion system produces its chlorine so there is no need to store chemicals for your pool. Apart from the ease in use too, it is also economical compared to other systems as there is no need for a constant replacement of chlorine needed in the pool. The conversion system takes care of all of that.

How it works

There is a saltwater generator that is installed into the pool. The water goes through the generator and electrolysis helps to break the salt down into chlorine which is responsible for disinfecting the pool and keeping it clean. The process is repeated and the chlorine is provided in moderate amounts which is why it is gentler on the skin and hair. Also, the chlorine helps to get rid of the unwanted smell in the pool, keeping it fresh. This system is particularly recommended for commercial pools as they usually have a high influx of people making use of the pool.

We are just one call away

If you have weighed all the benefits and the saltwater conversion system is the right one for you, all you need do is call our customer care lines. The numbers are available on our website and we are always available to answer any questions you might have. Our technicians are friendly and willing to help with any questions and enquire you might have regarding the service to be provided. We also strive to provide affordable and pocket-friendly services and as such work closely with the budget to make sure that it suits the client's needs.

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