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Weekly Pool Cleaning

affordable weekly pool cleaning

At Pool Cleaning Services West Palm Beach, we provide weekly pool cleaning services for both commercial and residential pools. Pools get dirty over time as leaves and different objects can fall into them and it is important to clean them out as soon as possible to make it conducive enough to swim in- no one wants to swim in a pool filled with leaves and gunk. Our experts are always available to take on your weekly pool cleaning needs and make sure that your pool is tended to every week, leaving it clean and suitable for use.

Skimming and Netting Surface

Pools can be classified as high maintenance in their own way as they exposed and as such, constantly have to be cleaned- especially on the surface from time to time. A dirty pool is the last thing anyone would want to get into. Part of the services we offer includes skimming and netting the surface of the pool. This removes large particles of unwanted items like leaves, papers, bugs that might have fallen into the pool during the course of the week. We have professionals on deck that can conveniently handle this task.

Cleaning Skimmer and Bumper Baskets

Pools consist of skimmer baskets and their function is to stop or limit debris or particles that might have fallen into the pool from entering the pipes and ultimately the pool filters. It is pretty much a barrier and it is made out of plastic. Over time, a lot of debris can get accumulated in the skimmer basket and this is why we have included it in the list of services to be carried out every week. For large pools, there can be up to 4 skimmer baskets and as professionals, we take our time to empty each basket and clean them out.

Inspection of Pool Equipment

Included in our weekly cleaning service is the inspection of pool equipment. On our visit to your pool, we make sure that equipment the pool needs to function properly is in good working condition. Examples of some of the equipment include pumps, filters, heaters, salt chlorine generators. Basic equipment like the skimming pole is also checked. The regular inspection would make sure that the possibility of damages occurring are slim and this would invariably reduce the cost of repair over time.

In the case of clogging, what is to be done

Most pool owners- both residential and commercial just want to be able to jump into a clean pool on a hot, sunny day and relax without having to worry about any dirt or debris floating about. Let us save you the stress and help you take care of that. With pools, sometimes, debris manages to escape the skimmer and bumper baskets and go on to clog the filter pipes present in the pool, and this limits their overall performance. Part of our weekly maintenance service includes checking the filter pipes and making sure that no debris is clogging it.

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